History of Guardian Angels

From a biology classroom teacher to an award-winning, State competitive basketball coach, Delaune Radin has always been covered and guided by Guardian Angels.  After retirement, opening a daycare and caring for kids was second nature for Ms. Radin.  But in 2005 she found extended passion and opened Guardian Angels, a Residential Treatment Center in Houston (Acres Homes), Texas.  For the next two years, Ms. Radin studied foster care systems, program development, state requirements, and licensing standards to ensure she could offer first class service to children while under her care and supervision.  Delaune visited Residential Treatment Centers all over Texas and learned first-hand how to care for children who were victims of abuse and at their highest levels of need.  While some of those areas of need weren’t foreign to Delaune, all of the children didn’t have an Aunt Thelma & Coach Karen McKenna like Ms. Radin did who provided all the love and support she needed.  Two years were spent learning how to create intervention services for children.  On April 2, 2007, 3 staff members completed intake for its first two residents at Guardian Angels. 


In 2017, with a staff of 25, the “GA” has provided services for over 500 young ladies ages 13-18years old from all over Texas.  Currently, Guardian Angels function out of two homes, one of which is named “Aunt Thelma” and the other “Coach Karen” in love and respect for Ms. Radin’s personal guardian angels.  At full capacity, these two homes can service 24 young ladies.  Sadly, because of the tremendous needs in CPS, the homes are normally at capacity 99% of the time with excessive mobility.  In 2019, Guardian Angels will build three additional homes to service an additional 30 young ladies.  Planning for continued growth, land has already been purchased for further expansion so that by 2020 this residential treatment center will be home to 92 young ladies living in Acres Home and covered by Guardian Angels.